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Ranges are NOT open to the public!

Range use is by membership only.

Membership Dues Schedule

2024 Membership/Renewal

Available on monthly meeting nights AFTER the 7:30 meeting.

NO renewals or memberships prior to the meeting all other memberships

are by  appointment only, send email or message on FB


** new application procedure**

Paper applications not needed.

Renewals and  new Memberships will be done  electronically in the clubhouse.

(Not online)

                                          -  ALL memberships & renewals MUST be done in person.

                                           -  NO mail in applications/renewals.

                                            -  ALL new members must attend a monthly meeting to join.

**EVERYONE 18 years old and over MUST provide a photo ID with address on.


*New member assessment fee is $10

*Memberships after April 15, must include $10 late fee


Regular Social Memberships  are $75 per year. (includes 5 Sportsman’s Night tickets)

First time members also pay a $10 assessment. Existing members who renew late, after April 15th, also pay a $10 assessment. New and existing members are required to purchase 5 Sportsman's Night tickets, now included in the membership fee. These are the tickets previously mailed with the newsletter.

Family Memberships  are $ 170 per year. (includes 10 Sportsman’s Night tickets). Family memberships can be applied to parents and children up to 26 years old, living in the same household. (Everyone 18 and over MUST provide photo ID)

Junior Memberships  are $5 per year. Junior members (ages 12-15) must also be a dependent of, and accompanied by, an Active member whenever they are at the Club or on the range.

Senior Memberships  are $50 per year. (includes 5 Sportsman’s Night tickets) Senior members MUST be 65 years or older AND have been an active member for at least 10 consecutive years.

Minors  under 12 do not require memberships but must be a dependent of, and accompanied by, an active member whenever they are at the Club or on the range.

Life Membership   The Club stopped offering life memberships several years ago. Current life members retain their membership for life but no new ones are available. Please Note: (as of the 2014 membership year) current Life Members will be asked to come to the Club to pick up a new membership card with gate code.

Archery 24/7   **new price** $275 per year. Includes archery and club membership (includes 5 Sportsman's Night tickets) Child $100.

Membership Schedule effective as of  1-1-2024

Range & Club Rules

Our rules are in place to ensure we have a clean, safe, and fun environment for all of our members and guests. If everyone continues to adhere to these rules we’ll continue to enjoy one of the nicest and safest ranges in the area. If you observe someone bending the rules politely remind them of the rules but do not get into an altercation. If the bad behavior continues try to get a license plate number and inform one of the board members. Thank you for your cooperation.


A valid MEMBERSHIP BADGE must be displayed on your person at all times when you are on the ranges. 

NO guests or spectators are permitted. 

Members bringing non-members with you to the Club, whether shooting or not, will result in termination of your membership. 

Non-members on Club property will be prosecuted for trespass. 

The only exceptions to this are as follows: 

       CHILDREN ages 11 and under are permitted with their parent member.

       NON-MEMBERS are welcome at scheduled, organized, events that are sponsored by the Club and open to the public. 

                    (i.e, Block Shoots, Sportsman's Night, 3D Archery, etc.)

 Please LOCK THE GATE behind you when entering and when leaving the range. 

 All shooters MUST CLEAN UP AFTER SHOOTING, remove used targets, pick up your shell casings and trash.


Range Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 8am to dusk, but not later than 8 pm.

Sunday - 9 am to dusk, but not later than 8 pm.

Ranges will be closed during events such as Block Shoots. Check the Calendar page for specific range closures events.


Range Rules:

 ALWAYS observe basic firearm safety rules.

1.    Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2.  Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3.  Always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use it.

4.  Make sure BOTH ranges (Pistol and Rifle) are clear before walking down-range.

5.  Please DO NOT shoot at the frames around the target boards.

6.  No fully automatic firearms are permitted on the range.

7.  Please shoot at paper or stationary ground targets only; no bouncing, movable or other junk targets are to be used on the ranges.


For issues or incidents on the RANGE

contact the number posted on the range ASAP


In the event of a real EMERGENCY

Call 911


Email:        Visit us at: 243 Mulberry Street, Bath PA 18014           Like us Facebook 

Keystone Rod & Gun Club

243 Mulberry Stree​t, Bath PA 18014

610-837-7644  Facebook       

        Promoting Hunting, Fishing and  Shooting Sports for over 50 years


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